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10 AM – 4 PM

Christmas in the City Market 2023

McMaster Innovation Park
175 Longwood Rd. South
Hamilton, ON

Thank you to all  that participate in the Christmas Run this year!

Welcome to the Christmas Run! We are Volunteer led. 100% of proceeds go into the program to help people in our community. We will be receiving our special families list early December.

Some of the families we help are:

  • Medically Challenged
  • Medical Crisis
  • Isolated
  • Palliative

Often families in crisis or medical situations have special needs, and we try to help them have a little nicer Christmas, some of the needs we were asked for are:

  • Tim Horton cards,
  • Hospital parking fees card,
  • Walmart cards,
  • Grocery cards, they do not have the energy to cook,
  • Chapters cards: days in a bed can be boring with out books or music.

Since our Families are all different, their needs are all different. The Christmas Run is posting a few needs that these families in critical situations require.

We do up some hospital care bags for the families to take to the hospital, this helps them when they are away from home, sitting in surgery waiting rooms or ICU waiting rooms, it includes:

  • chap stick
  • chocolate
  • mints
  • pen/journal
  • lotion
  • nail clippers
  • combs
  • body wash
  • facecloth
  • polar fleece blanket: ” sleeping in a hospital chair can be hard enough”
  • small magazine or book.

Introducing our Christmas in the City Market!
Calling our Hamilton community! 🔨
Come out and support the Christmas Run Organization. 🤲
We are hosting the Christmas in the City Market.
Let’s help better the lives in our community together. 🤝
Here’s the chance to support local entrepreneurs and artists of all kind.
Participate in donating to our local organization and be inspired by the fine products brought to you by the Christmas Run Organization fine choice of vendors.
Join us on:
Saturday November 25th 10am-4pm
Sunday November 26th from 10am-4pm.
Admission is $5, tickets available online or at the door.

 Please call
for donation
drop offs